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Enabling future success.

Aurum Capital Connect is a Denver- and Dallas-based investment bank and strategic advisory group that specializes in M&A and capital formation for middle market companies. We firmly believe active involvement with our client companies is key to success; we work closely with management teams to develop and execute strategy, open doors to capital, and create meaningful exits.

Execution begins with a sound plan.


The Aurum Advantage

Any company considering a significant transaction can benefit from the advice of the right investment banker. Aurum Capital Connect provides objectivity, a valuable contact network, allows for efficient use of client personnel, and is vitally interested in client’s objectives.


Many middle market companies do not have specialized in-house staff, which is often required for financial transaction planning and execution. Aurum Capital Connect can provide the know-how and services required to initiate and execute a transaction, thereby empowering companies with financial and transaction experience.

We're committed to delivering:

Service Excellence

Wealth of Experience

Record of Success

Work Efficacy & Efficiency

Ongoing Support


Steve Donelson
founding partner


In my 35+ year career serving business owners and stakeholders in transitions, my satisfaction is largely derived from the people involved.

These owners and executives typically pour themselves into building value into their enterprise over time. They have worked the long hours, made the sacrifices and sweated the details.

They are the backbone of the economy. Their work ethic and risk-taking are monumental. There comes a time to seek advice. When the business needs to be re-positioned or transitioned, owners realize that it is the time to build and leverage a team to advise and execute.


We're experts in the following areas:


Aurum Capital Connect represents companies in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures in a diverse array of industries.



Our advisory services include matters such as strategic exit planning, business valuations, assisting in financial restructurings, and helping clients meet their long- and short-term objectives.



As an investment bank, we can assist your business in raising funds to achieve a variety of objectives such as acquisitions, reducing debt load, expanding existing operations, or specific project financing.

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